About CMFF

About CMFF

Cairo Mobile Film Festival aims to develop and promote young talents of local and regional cinema arts that will help develop the film industry in various levels. The festival aims to focus on creating opportunities for professionals in the media, art and film production industry in Egypt. In addition to support a change and positively advance the value of art in today's communities, by giving young people the opportunity to express their views through the appropriate cinematic means.

Cinema is a unique form because it is able to transcend illiteracy; therefore it can be easily viewed and digested by everyone, regardless of age or education. Cinema also helps preserve the collective memory of people as it enhances national unity and identity on the community level.

We believe that CMFF will represent an important step towards developing the cinema industry as well as the society itself. Directly, the festival will offer an opportunity for the youth to develop their films and ideas, get the experience they crave, and the necessary direction and guideline both at the levels of directing and at the artistic level.


In order to induce positive change in today’s societies; youth need to be given the chance to express their views and needs through the appropriate means. Cinema is an important tool in today’s hi-tech societies and allowing people to use that tool can enhance creativity, openness, and positive change.

Our vision is based on an understanding and a need to use cinema arts as a social tool for social change and development. In addition to bringing cinema to the general public, we focus on creating opportunities for talents in the filmmaking industry in Egypt.

Mobile Film Festival can help enhance the notion of acceptance of the other, forgiveness, and compassion between different groups of society.


Our aim is to have a sustainable festival that would reoccur yearly, thus we will be specifically aiming for the best practices and an advanced level of organization and professionalism at all levels. Cairo Mobile Film Festival targets to open new doors in the world of communication in addition to the fact that it can shed light on the vital issues in today's community and society.

The competition aims to create a meeting point for talented students, young artists, emerging filmmakers and cinema enthusiasts from Egypt and the Arab world to come together and share their linked passion and knowledge of the cinema industry.

We work to increase the participation of the local community, local stakeholders and partners as well as at the regional level. We look forward to making the festival, a cultural cornerstone for the region that will intrigue international recognition.

Festival Objectives:

  • Enable young talent in Egypt and the Arab world to develop their abilities in the film industry, the media and arts skills
  • Assist in the development of young filmmakers and production and marketing of their business
  • Emphasize on different values along with the exposure to general issues introduced in the different films
  • Encourage young artists and filmmakers and enable them to achieve better quality and better distribution of their films
  • Help develop the film industry in Egypt and the region to create a new youth creativity in the world of film
  • Offer young artists from Egypt and the region a new dependable podium to express their views and problems
  • Create a new tool for youth to enhance social change in their communities
  • Create a youth filmmaking network locally, regionally, and internationally to exchange experience and expertise
  • To support cultural diversity in cinema and discovering of new forms and methods in film art
  • To assist in establishing and consolidating of communication between film-makers and film societies
  • To promote independent film-making. Short film is a low-budget, and thus affordable democratic method of art expression. This allows to cover any actual and burning issue while staying economical


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