Regulations & Awards

  • Regulations

    • Egyptians as well as All Nationalities are welcomed for submission.
    • The Festival will include 2 competitions:
      • Professionals: from 18 years
      • Young creative: from 10 - 17 years
    • CMFF accepts short film & documentaries & CSR films.
    • The film must entirely be shot with a mobile device (smartphones, tablets) that shoots HD video.
    • Participants should specify device model used in filming
    • DSLR cameras, compact cameras or hybrid android cameras are not accepted.
    • The minimum length is 60 seconds and the maximum is 3minutes.
    • Films may be edited on any editing software.
    • Films contain language other than arabic, arabic subtitle is a must.
    • CMFF has the right to exclude any film that has technical problems. In addition to exclude any film that has racial or abuser substance.
    • By participating, filmmaker authorize CMFF to present the film to the jury committee for review also CMFF is authorized to program the selected works in its different webs and channels and insert publicity before the actual screening, otherwise all copyrights reserved to the film director.
    • COPYRIGHTS: We cannot accept any THIRD-PARTY music, images & photos or graphics in your video. We apologize, however, we are keeping your cost to produce your video down and increasing your creativity! If you can verify your right to use them through our strict legal process you may contact us. This also limits your risks.


    The prizes will be announced by the sponsors during the festival day.

    Official Sponsor & Carrier